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If you’ve ever felt that medical care has become too much about business and not enough about you, you’ve probably never visited Southwest Surgical Associates. Here, you’ll be surrounded by compassion and attentiveness from the moment you enter. At Southwest Surgical you will experience warm, caring smiles at the front desk and nurses who call you by name and treat you like family. Moments like these will make you realize that old-fashioned, personalized medical care isn’t gone; it’s right here... along with today’s state-of-the-art treatment methods



Providing better health through surgical excellence is the foundation of Southwest Surgical Associates. For over a decade, we have provided the advanced, compassionate surgical care that has helped thousands live longer, healthier, happier lives. Our experience includes a variety of surgical methods such as minimally invasive laparoscopic techniques that let us screen, diagnose and treat many health disorders with smaller incisions for a faster, less painful recovery.

Southwest Surgical Associates Guillermo Ponce De Leon, MD, FACS Thomas W. Moore, MD, FACS Robert M. Hillery, MD, FACS Kelly S. Dempsey, MD, FACS Buckminster J. Farrow, MD, FACS Michael T. Wood, MD, FACS Charles J. Aramburo, MD, FACS John D. Fisher, MD, FACS Thu Ha Liz Lee, MD